Delta Downs

As owner of Delta Downs station, the Kurtijar People would like to take the opportunity to share our land and history with you. We’re proud of the natural beauty and wildlife here, and we know you’ll find it just as spectacular as we do.

Our aim is to manage the natural and cultural priorities or our Country while providing visitors with an enjoyable and memorable experience.  Although Delta is a working cattle property, there are also pristine beaches and turtle hatcheries, unique birdwatching, abundant fishing and hunting opportunities. We really have something that will interest every member of the family.

Delta Downs Station is one of Australia’s most successful Indigenous run enterprises. First established around 1889, nearly 100 years later in 1983 we became Australia’s first cattle station to be run by Traditional Owners, and we have grown to employ many local Indigenous people.  Delta has also been managed by a local Kurtijar person for several years.

Delta Downs has over 1 million wild acres, and runs 40,000 to 45,000 cattle depending on the time of year. The station is actually 3 properties, Delta Downs, the Maggieville Outstation and Karumba Downs, all run from the homestead on Delta.


To enable other to experience this area, limited camping and fishing permits for Delta Downs are issued by KAC for what is known as Smithburne and Van Diemen’s areas.  We believe that being able to camp and fish on our traditional lands is a privilege and not a right and all permits are issued on strict terms and conditions.

Please note that if any of these terms and conditions are broken or not adhered to, or for any reason the management of KAC and Delta Downs decide, the permits can be withdrawn immediately without recourse and you agree to remove yourself, vehicles, camp, fishing gear and all rubbish immediately.

There are strict firearms, alcohol and drug restrictions covering Delta Downs and the permits are issued on your agreement to these.  Anyone found camping and fishing without a Permit will be removed from the property immediately.

For further information including availability, prices, terms and conditions please contact:

KAC Office:
Chair – Clarene Rainbow
44 Dutton Street, Normanton
Ph:  07 47 451 422 / 0499 154 632

Delta Downs Station:
Manager – Quinton Rainbow
Ph:  07 47 453 433

You can download the camping permit form below to complete and email to the KAC office.  Upon arrival in Normanton, please visit the KAC office at 44 Dutton to receive your permit.  Further directions to the camping sites will be provided then.

The above KAC office does not operate full-time and may be unattended for extended periods. We recommend that you call the office prior to your arrival to ensure that a KAC representative will be available.

What does KAC use the money for?
The fee charged by KAC is for payment for entry not for the provision of services. The income received by issuing these permits goes directly back to supporting our youth in their educational needs and sporting pursuits.

Permit Terms & Conditions

  1. A Camping Permit must be obtained prior to camping or entering Kurtijar land.
  2. The permit must be carried at all times by the holder whilst on Kurtijar land or seas adjoining, or produced for inspection on demand by the traditional owners of the land. A Camping Permit Receipt must be attached.
  3. This permit is only for the use stated in the application.
  4. Permit holders must travel directly to their destination and not divert.
  5. This permit authorises entry only to the camps as stated and not to the property generally.
  6. Campsites must be vacated by 10am on the last day of the Permit or additional charges will be incurred.
  7. Permit holders must at all times abide by advice or instructions provided by representatives of KAC or MMPC.
  8. The Permit Holder is responsible for the actions and conduct of all persons in their group.

General Requirements

  1. The carrying and consumption of alcohol is limited to 1 carton of beer per motor vehicle. If any other alcohol is found, then it is a condition of the Permit that the whole Party must immediately pack up and exit the Camp Ground and Property after leaving it in a clean and tidy condition. There will be no refund of any Permit Camping Fees.
  2. The possession of drugs on Kurtijar land is strictly prohibited. If any drugs are found or reported to KAC or MMPC representatives, then it is a condition of the Permit that the whole Party must immediately pack up and exit the Camp Ground and Property after leaving it in a clean and tidy condition. There will be no refund of any Permit Camping Fees.
  3. Motor vehicles and boats must be in a satisfactory condition and reasonable spare parts, food, fuel and water must be carried. A substantial monetary charge based on time and distance may be incurred by Permit Holders should the need arise to provide assistance in recovering vehicles.
  4. All vehicles must have current registration and third party insurance and only be driven by a licenced driver. Normal road rules apply.
  5. Fires are only permitted in fireplaces provided and must be totally extinguished when unattended. Substantial costs may be incurred by the Permit Holder should a fire escape from a camp site.
  6. All rubbish and litter are to be disposed of in places provided especially for that purpose (if any) or removed from Kurtijar land upon departure. Rubbish must not be left in fire places. If a Camp is considered to be not kept in a clean and tidy condition, then it is a condition of the Permit that the whole Party must immediately pack up and exit the Camp Ground and Property after leaving it in a clean and tidy condition. There will be no refund of any Permit Camping Fees.
  7. Where no toilet facilities are provided, human waste must be buried at least 50cm deep and at least 50 metres from any camp sites, water holes or water courses.
  8. All precautions should be undertaken to prevent pollution of water holes, water courses or the environment in general (eg. Use of soap, detergents, shampoos, oil and grease, washing of clothing and cooking utensils).
  9. The permit holder must take all reasonable precautions to prevent the introduction or spread of exotic fauna and flora, including cleaning vehicles and equipment prior to and when travelling within Kurtijar land.
  10. This permit does not authorise the cutting of trees or removal of flora from Kurtijar land; or disturbance to the environment, including wildlife, vegetation, water and soils.
  11. The permit holder shall not bring onto Kurtijar land nor carry any firearms, not shoot or discharge firearms.
  12. It is acknowledged by the Permit Holder (s) that you will be entering a fully working cattle property in a remote location. Mustering or BTEC operations may be in progress over area travelled through. The permit holder must observe all signs carrying warnings and must comply with reasonable directions in respect of entry into those areas.
  13. Gates are to be left opened or closed as found.
  14. The permit holder and those in their group enter Kurtijar land entirely at his or her own risk and agrees to undertake and bear all risks and KAC and MMPC accept no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury to or death to any person.
  15. The permit holder agrees that the Kurtijar Aboriginal Corporation and the Morr Morr Pastoral Company shall not be under any liability of any kind to the permit holder whether in negligence, under statute or otherwise, in respect of death, injury, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever and howsoever arising and which occurs during or as a result of entry upon the said land.
  16. The Applicant must indemnify KAC and MMPC and its employees, agents or representatives against all claims, demands, loss of property or injury or death to any person as a result or in connection with this Permit or entry to Kurtijar land.
  17. The Applicant and Permit Holder must:
  • If so directed by KAC and / or MMPC, reimburse any cost of search and rescue, vehicle retrieval or assistance or for damage caused to Kurtijar land or infrastructure thereon;
  • Comply with the conditions of the Permit and any Rules or any reasonable directions given;
  • Ensure all participants are aware of the conditions of this Permit;
  • Not drive not permit to be driven any vehicle within the Kurtijar land other than on designated roads and tracks;
  • Do not permit to be done anything on Kurtijar lands which is noisome, offensive or a nuisance or annoyance to other users.

The issued Permit will be automatically revoked if in the opinion of KAC and / or MMPC any of the above conditions are breached and it is a condition of the Permit that the whole Party must immediately pack up and exit the Camp Ground and Property after leaving it in a clean and tidy condition.

There will be no refund of any Permit Camping Fees.

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