Delta Downs is the Gulf’s premier secret fishing spot. Spend your long weekend or holiday here fishing untouched rivers, catching meter long barramundi!

Never caught a barra before or you’re looking for a new barra fishing experience, then come to Delta Downs Station. Here you can pick your passion or try them all! Fishing on the beach, in the estuaries or on the Gilbert and Smithburn Rivers.

We understand it’s all about the great outdoors, the challenge and the excitement of the catch. However we request that you always adhere to bag and size limits as regulated by the Queensland Government.

Bird Watching

One of our best kept secrets on Delta Downs is the bird watching, so good in fact that it’s of international ornithological importance.

With over 30km of coast now listed on the International Flyway Site Network, and newly installed viewing platforms on the Lotus Lagoon, Delta Downs offers opportunities to observe and identify some of the world’s most rare and endangered migratory shorebirds.

Visitors of all ages will be amazed by the sheer number of species they can see, their beautiful plumes and pretty bird songs. It really is a theatre of nature with twelve water bird breeding colonies throughout the property.